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Nattozimes Plus (520-7, 60ct.) This product supports the circulatory system. Nattozimes Plus may help improve blood flow as it helps dissolve fibrin through the action of an enzyme called nattokinase. The human body produces several types of enzymes for making thrombus (blood clotting particles), but only one main enzyme for breaking it down and dissolving it - plasmin. The properties of Nattokinase closely resemble plasmin. According to Dr. Martin Milner, from the Center for Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, what makes Nattokinase a particularly potent treatment, is that it enhances the body's natural ability to fight blood clots in several different ways; because it so closely resembles plasmin, it dissolves fibrin directly. In addition, it also enhances the body's production of both plasmin and other clot-dissolving agents, including urokinase (endogenous). "In some ways, Milner says, Nattokinase is actually superior to conventional clot-dissolving drugs. T-PAs (tissue plasminogen activators) like urokinase (the drug), are only effective when taken intravenously and often fail simply because a stroke or heart attack victim's arteries have hardened beyond the point where they can be treated by any other clot-dissolving agent. Nattokinase, however, can help prevent that hardening with an oral dose of as little as 100 mg a day.


What they are saying is, that this enzyme can help to break down and dissolve the hardened material that forms and clogs the arteries, and dissolves blood clots. It helps to thin the blood (eliminates the need for daily aspirin) and removes unwanted debris from the artery walls. It is considered that this will greatly reduce the risk of heart attack. It can also help remove scar tissue, lower LDL cholesterol, and lower blood pressure. Nattokinase has been clinically tested to remove arterial blockages 60% faster than the body's natural fibrinolytic enzyme  plasmin. Another amazing benefit of this product is that it can help to dissolve fibroid tumors or cysts in the uterus and breast tissue. This product is safe to use with all supplements and all prescription medication except for prescription blood-thinners and anticoagulants such as Coumadin and Heparin. Because of it's beneficial effects of lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, if you are on medications for these conditions, and start taking Nattozimes Plus, you should have your Doctor monitor your medications as they may need to be reduced.

  • Q. If a person is allergic to soy, would nattokinase pose a problem? Although Nattozimes is derived from soy, it does not contain the soy proteins that cause allergic reactions in some individuals or blood types.
  • Q. Are there any side effects I should expect while taking Nattosimes? As you begin to take Nattozimes, toxins and other debris will be expelled from your system. We refer to this process as enzymatic detoxification. Symptoms such as fatigue, upset stomach, headaches, and diarrhea may occur. If at any point you start to feel ill you may be detoxifying too quickly. Decreasing your dosage for a more gradual and comfortable detoxification period is therefore recommended. It may take several days to completely cleanse the body of unwanted toxins. Enzymatic detoxification is only temporary, and in the most extreme cases may last up to a period of 14 days.                                       
  • Q. Should I continue my daily aspirin while taking Nattozimes? From my research on this enzyme there is no need to continue the daily aspirin. The nattokinase enzyme is as effective, and carries none of the side effects of aspirin.
  • Q. I have been taking Mega Chel from NSP to help clean my arteries. Would I continue to take this product while on Nattozimes? I spoke with our upline managers in NSP who were instrumental in bringing this product to us. They recommended that you decrease the dose of Mega Chel to 2-3 per day. They also recommended that you make sure the person is on a healthy diet, drinking adequate water, and are taking colon or other cleansing formulas to ensure proper elimination while on this program.
  • Q. What dose of Nattozimes do you recommend? The preventative dose for anyone prone to circulatory disorders is 2 per day. If you have been diagnosed with buildup on your artery walls, or a tendency for blood clots, they recommend 2 capsules twice daily for 1 month then 2 per day for maintenance.

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Disclaimer: The above information is a collaboration of the current research on the nattokinase enzyme. I am not personally promising you these results, but am reporting to you the most current accurate information I could find on the subject. If you are being treated for circulatory disorders please talk with your Doctor so he or she can monitor your progress and adjust your medications accordingly.


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